Chakra Cleansing Bars


Chakra Cleansing Bars

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Chakra Cleansing Bar

This Chakrafied soap uses plant medicine to re-energize your spirit + remove negative energy every time you cleanse. Each bar is handcrafted with selected essential oils, plant medicine, + vegetable coloring to enhance the healing for each individual Chakra. We charge every bar, allowing the energy to set within the soap. Ritual for each individual Chakra included.

Root Chakra: Grounded Roots - helps one to be grounded and connected to the earth. Its cleansing effect works to remove negative energies and restore balance. Colored w/ red oxide - cedarwood + myrr + bergamont EO, (special oil (SO*) ricebran)

Sacral Chakra: Infinite Flow - motivation, lends courage, opportunity, and is an excellent aid in body energy levels which help fuel ambitions. Colored w/ red oxide and tumeric - grapefruit + orange + ylang ylang EO, (SO sweet almond)

Solar Chakra: Sunrise Glow - helps with self discipline, self-esteem, and increases optimism and wealth. Colored w/tumeric - lemongrass + lemon + lavender EO, (SO sweet almond)

Heart Chakra: Euphoria Bliss - forgiveness, self-love, acceptance, new beginnings, and when placed over the heart, it may attract love or re-kindle former love. Colored w/spirulina, matcha, green oxide - lavender + ylang ylang + howood EO, (SO grapeseed)

Throat Chakra: Divine Expression - remembered wisdom, aids in the deeper spiritual understanding of truth and idealism. May stimulate one to live up to ones own ideals. Colored w/ ultramarie blue- peppermint + orange EO, (SO macadamia)

Third Eye Chakra: Spiritual Senses-  transformation, provides mental clarity, stability, sobriety, protection, and forgiveness, as well as tolerance, healing, and spiritual awareness. Colored w/ indigo - clary sage + rosemary EO (SO grapeseed)

Crown Chakra: Soul Connections - amplifies energy and thought, cleanses and enhances to act as a deep soul cleanser. Colored w/ ultramarine - cedarwood + lavender + vetiver EO (SO macadamia)

**Note the nut allergy in SO-special oil column. 🥜

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