Cacao Ceremony Ritual


Cacao Ceremony Ritual

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Indulge in the healing benefits of Mama Cacao--chocolate medicine, opening the energy lines in your heart to establish a deeper connection to the core of your being. Ignite a deep release of emotions stored within the memories of our unconscious to allow one to let in and let go of the past. Clearing out debris, blocks, peeling away layers co-consciously creating space for divine experiences, and opportunities. 

This superfood detoxifies your liver and kidney's that can hold on to negative energy blocking your systems flow. Basically a bomb ass gift for the Xmas Holidays--clear out anything you no longer need from 2017 while cultivating acceptance for some of it's more challenging experiences. This medicine will warm you up from the inside out making the chillier days far more bearable and blissful!


•Ceremonial Dosage of Cacao

•With step-by-step instruction on how to make the ritual beverage and conduct your own ceremony.

•Wand of Palo Santo & Feather to Prepare Sacred Space 

•A guided meditation with chakra balancing sound therapy from Tibetan singing bowls allowing space for the dose of cacao to begin it's process within the systems. 

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