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New Moon Self Care Workshop

  • Accepting the Divine 518 King Street Estevan, SK, S4A 1K8 Canada (map)

With the New Moon it brings new beginnings, new endeavors, new relationships, postive changes, planting seeds, optimism, hope and faith. As we float through this powerful energy leading up to the New Moon this workshop will be about exploring the ways we can utilize this energy in our lives -paired with self care tips and techniques to cultivate awareness, forgiveness, acceptance, balance, peace, and to truly understand our ability to create the life we desire.

If you've attended previous workshops or last months Summer Solstice Workshop we will be exploring completely different methods of healing & activities as Johny & I are filled with this knowledge & divine wisdom and continously gather more experience & techniques on our own journey. It is not only our pleasure but purpose to share with you all. Healing happens in layers and we through experience teach this effectively and compassionately for everyone invovled awakening one into the greatest version of themselves.

What to Expect:

A self care workshop, creative activity, movement, meditation, asana, pranayama, hand crafted healing products(you get to take home!), snacks, tea, hot cacao, goodie bags to leave with, Giveaway Prizes, and a PDF of our "How to work with Crystals Manual" & MP3 of our "New Moon Guided Meditation & Sound Therapy."

A safe, intimate, nourishing and rejuvenating environment for your body and mind. Feast on tools and techniques that encourage you to slow down and delve a little deeper into yourself. Time out to get to know yourself again, thoughts, body, guts, home. Curiously explore how to come back to yourself and discover ways to maintain self care when we return to the outside world. A sumptuous and sensual journey discovering the best methods to nurture and support yourself. Addressing how to integrate self care into daily life. More space, stress less, refuel and replenish.


Limited to 16 for an intimate setting.
Cost: $75 per person / $50.00 each if you bring a partner
Email to Register:
Located at Accepting the Divine, 518 King Street.

Bring favorite mug, water bottle, yoga mat( we have extra), pen/journal, an open mind, and heart.

"The positioning of the sun and moon is responsible for moving entire oceans, managing tides, and even regulating the growth of plants and the breeding cycles of animals. If, as humans, we were to think that we were immune from these effects, we’d be sorely mistaken. Even changes that are seemingly so far off have ripple effects in our lives. Let’s think of the moon’s positioning as a metaphor for your own life. The new moon marks the start of a new lunar cycle and is the time when the sun illuminates the side of the moon we never see. Like the moon, there’s a side of you that most people never see. These are your hopes, your dreams, your fears, your wishes, and your desires – the things you scarcely share with others. In shamanism, this side of you is known as your shadow side.

We all have a shadow side, it’s part of what makes us balanced. And we can see that even the moon has a shadow side. Our shadow side is simply all that we choose to keep hidden and unexposed from the world – good or bad. As the moon travels around the earth, starting at new moon and progressing towards full moon, the part that we see becomes less and less hidden, and more and more exposed. You can see this in the sky as more and more of the moon becomes visible to us during this progression. If we choose to, we can use the moon’s energy as a sort of buddy system to help us do the same thing. We can use the moon’s energy to help our hopes and desires, or our fears and worries, to become less and less hidden and to bring them forth from out of the shadow."












Less doing, relax into being.

Later Event: September 22
Autumn Equinox Self Care Workshop