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Yoga & Meditation Group Classes - January Registration

  • Accepting the Divine - Studio 518 King Street Estevan, SK, S4A 1K8 Canada (map)



The in-studio classes will be held at our Studio location here in Estevan, 518 King Street. I(Stacey) will be leading the class along with my partner Johny assisting with postures, hands on healing, and a guided yoga nidra ending with savasana. Registration will hold your space and commit you to your practice but Drop Ins will also be welcomed and encouraged. Our next In-Studio Group Session will begin January 9th with a 75 minute Yin Yoga Class starting at 6:45pm, "Yin Yoga & You: A Journey of Self-Discovery" and a 45 minute Meditation Class starting at 8:15pm, "Introduction to Meditation - Cultivating Peace". I teach to all levels regardless of where you are at in your personal practice, mind, body, and soul.  We will be hosting this Registration Night January 5th at 7pm in our Studio location giving you the opportunity to come meet us and gain a feel for our space. 

Yin Yoga & You: A Journey of Self-Discovery
January 9th, 16th, 23rd 30th
@6:45 - 8:00
Registration for 4 week 75 minute session - $60.00
Drop In - $17.00

Yin Yoga can be seen as a methodological approach to the restoration of the fullest potential of ourselves as human beings. Our Yin practice is a journey of self-discovery, a systematic pathway to an awakened sense of aliveness. With a focus on health and well being, we yearn to reach a space of ease and lightness in our bodies, which originates from a place of flexibility, agility and suppleness of the joints. Moving through a sequence of Yin Yoga postures is an invitation to gently stretch and mindfully rehabilitate the connective tissue that surround the joints in our body. Because the connective tissues in our bodies are constantly adapting to the stresses put upon them by our day to day activities and lifestyle, Yin Yoga can be seen as a complimentary practice to the more intensive workouts and exercise that we may be doing.

Introduction to Meditation - Cultivate Peace
January 9th, 16th, 23rd 30th
@8:15 - 9:00
Registration for 4 week 45 minute session - $40.00
Drop In - $12.00

A naturally hyper, over-active brain is not well-suited to modern life and can easily turn into an anxious mind. If you want to overcome anxiety/stress without medication, mindfulness meditation is a proven way to reduce anxiety and stress and improve your overall well-being. An over-active mind cause the fear center of your brain, the amygdala, to grow larger and more reactive leading to a vicious cycle of more stress, worry, and anxiety. If you feel like your brain is running on a hamster wheel of “what ifs” and worries, you’ve probably wondered if there was a drug-free solution. The answer may be as simple as mindfulness meditation. Even if you’ve never meditated before, you can start retraining your brain to be less anxious starting today.

Monday "Me" Time: Yin Yoga & You & Introduction to Meditation Class Combination
Make Monday's your "me" time as you start the week off taking the time to replenish, recharge, and re-calibrate. If we fill up our cup first allowing self to receive we can respond to our day to day and following week with much more patience, grace, ease, and understanding as we've allowed the time for self to fill up and balance.
January 9th, 16th, 23rd 30th
@6:30 - 9:00 w/ 15 minute break for tea and chilin'
Registration for 4 week combo session - $85.00
Drop In Combo Night - $25.00
Meditation and Yin Yoga are complimentary mindfulness practices that foster awareness, self exploration, mind-body connection, intuition development etc. Explore yin yoga postures that relax and energize your body, detox trauma in the joints, ligaments, connective tissue, fascia, find greater range of motion/flexibility, reduce cortisol built up, increase hydration, clearing out lifetimes of suppressed emotions. followed by step-by-step meditation guidance to meet your body, mind, and emotions with curiosity, skill, and gentleness.  I believe in empowering and guiding the individual to build their connection with the mind-body and higher-self as we are our own greatest healer, yoga teacher, fortune teller, philosopher, best friend, and most intelligent source of what we need. The awareness of this connection needs practicing and is the key ingredient to our experience as human beings I teach this in whatever session/workshop/class I am giving; reiki, yoga, hypnosis, coaching, mentoring etc.

For those who cannot make it to the registration night please email me for online registration at We take cash/cheque/e-transfer( as forms of payment. Any questions are welcomed and encouraged!

Vibrating with excitement,

Namastacey xoxo