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Discover the Secret Language of Your Body

  • Accepting the Divine 937 Isabelle Street Estevan, SK, S4A 1r3 Canada (map)

Through our own personal experiences and clientele we meet daily we've recognized a massive limitation we humans have is the fear of doing things wrong, failing, or being judged. We become limited by these dysfunctional beliefs and stop ourselves from growing, stepping out of our comfort zones, and honoring our heart's truest desires. The mind-body must work in harmony and when there is not a synchronicity between them we begin to suffer emotionally, mentally, and physically. The end result being aches, pains, illness, disease, depression, anxiety, doubt, dread, worry, fear to name a few that we personal experienced from this connection not being made. 

In this self interactive workshop we will start to get to know our greatest Guru, Doctor, and Friend our body. The human body has many ways of communicating with us and we are excited to be able to share and explore some of them with you during this mini retreat. We will be indulging in activities such as yoga, guided meditation, breath work, muscle testing, intuition development, and the basic uses of a human pendulum. 

Together we strive to make this world a better place but we know it starts with individuals choosing to make the change within themselves. So let's flow forward to a life and world filled with awareness, acceptance, and compassion by helping and loving ourselves and one another through discovery of the secret language of our body. 

Sage and Aura Cleansing

Water Elixir - Intro & Connections

Becoming Present

Intro to Intuition Development

Tools of the Spirit

Decoding the Bodies Messages

Ego Integration

Shedding Away

Giveaway****Those who attend will be entered to win a Twin Flame Soul Healing Session. 

This workshop will be limited to six students NO EXPERIENCE in yoga/meditation required. We will be hosting this in the comfort of our home/business studio to create an intimate space for self exploration and healing. We are so excited to have the opportunity to do this and can not wait to experience the shifts and growth with you all. 

The early bird cost will be $130.00(cash, check, e-transfer) payment before November 10th. After early bird $150.00 to register please email Payment will hold your space and register you for the workshop which will be discussed through email! :) :) 

November 20th, 2:00-6:00pm
937 Isabelle Street
Parking In-front/Back of House
Enter through the Backyard Gate
Come with comfy clothes, water bottle, yoga mat, two blankets or towels, two pillows, two yoga blocks (talk to me if you don't have these we can make it work!), an open mind, and a open heart �

Vibrating with excitement,

Namastacey & GuRey