If you know there is more to life and are ready to take yourself to a new reality of experience,  you will be supported through your obstacles, challenges, and traumas. If you are ready to learn the most powerful tools and exercises that will lead you from a perspective of stress, wishing your life to be different, complacency, lack-luster, imbalance, control, impatience, attached, codependent, helplessness, anger, fear, anxiety, depression, regret, shame, illness, disease, conditions, and victimization, to a place of empowerment, adventure, curiosity, creativity, joy, passion, peace of mind, acceptance, understanding, emotional intelligence, and excitement.

How to become more mindful. How to understand and make sense of your thoughts and emotions. How to step into your greatest potential. You will be guided with grace, ease, and compassion in a way that best resonates with you the individual--because no one in this world deserves your love and attention more than you.




A consultation is required for all new clients.  For those feeling lost and not sure what they need to move forward? For those wanting to find the root of an illness, disease, current life challenge, ache, pain etc. For those wanting to revamp their life and find balance in all areas? For those interested in learning how to become more mindful in their day to day life? For those who feel stuck. For those suffering from anxiety and depression. For those seeking a second, third or forth opinion. Within the session we will discuss past, present, future experiences/challenges and what healing modalities would be most beneficial for the individual.

Each and everyone of us are guided to different things and resonate with different people. Our intention is for you to feel comfortable and safe in expert guidance-  At the end of the session we will create a healing plan to move forward with. This 120 minute session is available Online or In Person. 

Johny Rey Online Session $100.00 | In Person Session Special Request $120.00

**Requirement Video Call for Online